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We are seeing all sorts of sync issues, between mobile, web and Outlook.  Even if I open To-Do from exact same accounts but different browsers, the Lists are totally different.  Anyone else seeing this?


Same account, different browsers, lists not in syncSame account, different browsers, lists not in sync



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That's odd. Is it affecting multiple users?
Also what do you see under Tasks in Outlook (desktop)? As that is the actual repository of tasks in To-Do.

Not only are my tasks not sync'ing between Outlook and the iOS app, but when I mark a recurring task complete in the iOS app, it also marks the next iteration complete.  Outlook then appears to create two tasks based off of the completed task.  For instance, if I have a daily recurring task called "Run Reports", and mark "Run Reports" complete for today in the iOS app, it will mark today's task complete, create the task for tomorrow and also mark that one complete.  Then in Outlook, today's task is marked complete, and two tasks are created for tomorrow - one recurring and one not.

We can be most helpful if you contact our support team via the in-app option found in the settings. For the web app, you can click "Copy Session ID" found in the To-Do settings page and paste it in a support ticket, which you can open here:


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Hi Trent,


Thanks for explaining the recurrence issues you're experiencing. I looked into our backlog and confirmed this is a know issue on iOS and will be addressed soon. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


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Thanks, I opened a Premier Support ticket Jan 1 and haven't gotten very far.  I also submitted a Chat through the Support option in To-Do.  I actually just checked the status of that and got a reply today that it could be related to "Accessing oData".  I will follow-up on that.  I don't know if that explains why it would not be working for iOS users but working fine for Android users.

Yes, affecting multiple users.   In my Outlook (desktop) app I don't see any of my recent lists.  There are three lists that I created about a week and half ago that are in there though.

Yes, I'm having this problem too.  The Microsoft tech forwarded me this thread as a flagged known issue.  Have you had any resolution yet?  

I spent a huge amount of time migrating everything over to To-Do and now it's unusable because my the lists are not updating between devices.  Very frustrating.


Hi Ros,


We recommended Erin among others follow the advice in this support article and it appears to have solved the issue for most folks. Let me know how you fare.




We did have to add "Microsoft To-Do*" and "GriffinRestClient*" to our EWS allow list.  That resolved a lot of users however we still have some users who tasks are not syncing, and also just using different browsers where lists/tasks are completely different.  I'm using the To-Do in app support now and it seems there's another problem which we are still going back and forth on.

For me, the sync was working fine on all 3 platforms for a week or so before things got muddled.  Was that the case for yours too Erin?

Also, got an "Unable to sync" error on the Windows app and that doesn't seem to be repairable.

Outlook tasks and the online (portal) version of to-do are still aligned, it's the local apps (both Windows and iStuff) that aren't syncing .. although they were for a while.


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I am experiencing the same issue. Lots of lists in the App but none showing Online. The sync button does nothing.

If I create a list online it sync down. Lists create in the Windows Store App do not sync up.

I’ve found when adding tasks on the website the iOS app does not update until it’s closed and re-opened
I think I figured out my issue. My app had old lists in it that were no longer on the website. I had not synced it for several months. By deleting all my lists and signing out and then recreating them everything began syncing again.

I have also some issues with synchronisation between my computer using Chrome and my Android phone.

is there a way to resolve that ?


Did you try a Brand New List? All my new lists are syncing fine.

Hi Olivier,

If you are on Windows, I'd suggest going to the store and getting the To-Do app there in order to compare what you're seeing and narrow down the issue. If you are on Mac then I'd suggest Outlook Web Access (commercial) or (consumer) and compare there.

You can alternatively use the "get support" option in the To-Do apps to start a thread with us, which has the added benefit of sending sync logs and will provide us with the errors your devices are hitting, if any.


Yes, I've been having sync issues between the Microsoft Windows 10 app and iPhone X app for several months.

The link in the support article appears to be broken? Experiencing sync issues between my Windows10 laptop and my iPhone for the first time after a year of using the MS Todo app.

Fixed it by closing and reopening the iPhone app. Then the laptop version was up-to-date.