Sync Problem in Windows 10 App

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My To Do App in Win 10 shows "synchronising ist not possible" - here are my details:

Version: 2.25.2008.19002; SessionId: 5d29b6a5-327a-4c10-8a74-606a587f219c; UserId: 0f767c0a-8e70-4a01-8913-bd0b40b91854


It is not resolved when logging signing out and logging in again into the app. It seems some items are synced correctly and others aren't. My account is signed in on another Win 10 device and an android phone both working fine.


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I have the same issue 

Version: 2.39.2103.11001; SessionId: 7d7465ec-a659-439b-9c9f-8e9334031f62; UserId: c32c7bb31fbd325a