Sync between To-Do and Planner

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Hi, I'm having problems with sync between To-Do and Planner. I use my work email for planner and my personal (gmail) email for To-Do since it seems that to-do is not part of the work package.

However, when I assign a task to me (gmail) in planner I can't see any notifications in to-do.

Does anybody know why and how to fix it?




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For this you need to use the Corp account for both to-do and planner! To-do is available within All tenants but might been turned off

@adam deltinger thanks for the reply. If I add an external user as a guest in a microsoft team and planner when I assign a task to that user he should receive a notification by email and in to-do?



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The guest user won’t have ToDo in your tenant and also won’t get email notifications!
There is a uservoice for this here:


@adam deltinger Hi Adam, do you have any info on how often the Planner and To Do teams actually work on suggestions from uservoice? Looking through the posts on both uservoice sites, its really difficult to see any progress on the user suggestions...

Not ALL tenants have To-Do... GCCH doesn't have it yet.