Sunsetting "Outlook Tasks"

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It seems to me that with the roll out of of To-Do, Outlook tasks are redundant in both function and terminology. 


Functionality Problem

I understand that there are some advanced functions missing from To-do when compared to Wonderlist and Outlook Tasks. That said, those functions are used by a small percentage of users and the lack of an option to switch-off an advanced UI, is what has kept Outlook Tasks' adoption so low. 


Please don't make this mistake with To-Do!  If you want everyone from your colleagues, to your 12 year old son, to your grandma using To-do, then keep it simple. 


Make the advanced UI available only to those who choose to turn it on. 


Terminology Problem

It drives me crazy when companies utilize two sets of terminology to describe similar functions. This creates confusion and is a major obstacle to adoption.  This is exactly the problem when you have to-do's and to-do lists, on the one hand,  and Outlook tasks and task folders, on the other. 


When will Microsoft be sunsetting Tasks and replacing it with To-do??

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Hi Rory,


Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and describing your perspective regarding the Outlook / To-Do connection. We really appreciate it :)


We are already working with the Outlook team to identify the most sensible timeline and method to ease Tasks users over to To-Do. It's a complicated matter as you've alluded to, but rest assured we will try to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible, especially since there are so many apps (and versions!) at play here. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


Lastly, would you mind also expanding on what you consider the advanced UI in To-Do so we can make sure we understand? 




Thanks for the response. 


You asked what I meant by "advanced UI":   All I was getting at here is that I felt the most important thing for To-Do was to ensure it had widespread adoption.  In order to ensure this, I felt simplicity  should be the top priority. 


That said, I understand Microsoft has a number of savvy Outlook Tasks users who will want some of the more advanced functionality (assigning tasks, or scheduling tasks...etc).  I think it is fine if To-Do incorporates these advanced features (whatever they may be) so long as the user has an option to turn on or off "advanced user interface".  This allows your grandma to use the simple clean interface, while your power user can choose a more complicated version.  That was all I was getting at -give us a choice as to how simple/advanced the interface is.


Thanks for soliciting our feedback.