Suggestion: MS To Do Link to Outlook Calendar & Tasks - My Day

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It would be helpful in my opinion to link MS To Do My Day to Outlook Calendar and Tasks. Then when I add a task to My Day in MS To Do it finds a free time slot to add tasks within Outlook Calendar for that day. This would allow me to work on tasks each day knowing I only have so much time and believe a task will take "x" amount of time. Instead of over committing my day because I didn't take into account the "y" meetings. Thanks

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This is already available. You can view your tasks due on a certain day by going to Week View under Calendar in Outlook. From there, you simply go to View>Daily Task List>Normal

@aschmittphcc Thanks for the answer but wasn't really want I am looking for. I would like to be able to add a task to "My Day" within MS To Do and have it automatically find a free time slot within my Outlook calendar.