Sorting function for Microsoft To Do: Not an issue - this is a suggestion

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Hi Microsoft, currently you can only sort by Importance, Due Date, Added to my Day, Alphabetically, and Creation Date. It would be REALLY nice to also be able to sort by "Assigned To".

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We need the ability to sort by secondary, and tertiary, etc. criteria! Please let us sort by Date, then Priority, then Alphabetical, with a filter by Category.
We have a shared list across several members of our team, so I agree that it would be extremely helpful to be able to sort by 'Assigned to' or to even be able to filter by 'Assigned to' other than what's assigned to me. Asa the team leader, I'd like to be able to see the task load for other members on the team, for determining how to assign new tickets to, based on current open tasks.