Sort by Date Completed

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Please add "Sort by Date Completed" to the To-Do sort options!


To-Do allows sorting by:

  • Importance
  • Due Date
  • Added to My Date
  • Alphabetically
  • Creation Date 

But none of those are any help when trying to find a task I have accidentally checked off!


If "Sort by Date Completed" was an option, my most recently completed tasks would be right at the top (or bottom) of the list!

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I agree. It seems like the easiest way to see what you've completed at the end of the day. The day's completed tasks end up getting lost in all completed tasks. 

I agree I had this issue this week and I still don't know what item I checked by mistake :\
Very helpful to keep track of "what was achieved each week"

@Matthew Jarsky 

This seems like a no-brainer to add this feature. Maybe the programmers never complete the tasks on their To-Do list so they wouldn't need to sort it... :lol:

For me this feature is especially important in the "Tasks" section. I heavily utilize Tasks for work items and TODOs that carry over day-to-day. If we can sort from most-recent to oldest in the "Completed" category, it gives myself a quick one-shot overview of what I completed the previous day. I am a very "out of sight, then out of mind" person. If I don't see a task in my "Open Tasks" then it does not exist for me, whether I completed it or not.



As it stands, the Completed "onboarding process" task was completed in 2019.. 3 years ago. Useful to record, but useless to show on top.