Shockingly poor customer service

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Why is is so difficult to get assistance from Microsoft when something doesn't work?


I spent all morning yesterday working on notes in a task in Microsoft To-Do. The notes then disappeared. 


I have since spent 24 hours chasing Microsoft for a solution. Got absolutely no where because the service is so bad. 


I have had calls where they did nothing. Calls where the line dropped and they didn't call back. Requested calls to make a complaint and they never even called. 


Wasted time after wasted time. 


I urgently need to continue the work I was doing yesterday on To-Do. And I can't until Microsoft get back the lost work. It is literally just notes in a task which disappeared. 


I need them to resolve it, and I can't even get them to make a requested call back. 


What is the point in Microsoft having customer services? So far all they have done is waste time and resolve zero. 

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@DanielWhittingham It seems that the point of Microsoft having basic customer service is to provide the failed students of Indian 2-week computer courses with jobs. Those who manage to graduate are probably going elsewhere, as I assume they can actually read and understand the basic questions. Most MS customer support answers that I read over the years were just amazingly irrelevant to the question asked.


Unfortunately this is becoming the norm. Support used to be slightly better, but obviously the requirements of these 3rd party outfits that support is farmed out to has gotten lower and lower.

My suggestion is that in the emails you received from your "tech" there should be contact information for a "lead" or "supervisor". Reach out to them and be firm and forceful that the service is unacceptable and you expect the issue to be resolved ASAP and that the current tech is not working out.

I've sometimes gotten marginally better service this way.