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Is it possible to share at Group level in To Do? Or only at List level? I want to make my company departments Groups and share with the relevant people, then categorise each dept into Lists in which I'd assign tasks. It seems I have to share each List to achieve this, which is tedious.

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Would also love this feature, would be great to share a group and then every list that is created automatically by availble for me to see. Just as when the duplicate feature was added, it seemed obvious... to me so does this. Would really make it versatile.


I also want this. Why cant we share whole groups? do we REALLY need to share every todo list separe in a group? :S 

This would be very helpful

This is an absolute must. Not even sure why To-Do would be developed this way in the first place, it just sets it so far behind other applications. Hopefully, this is coming soon.

Really annoying that this is not available.
100% Agree this is essential
Microsoft To Do primarily allows sharing at the list level rather than the group level. When you share a list in Microsoft To Do, you grant access to that specific list's tasks and details.

While you can't directly share at the group level, you can streamline the process of sharing multiple lists with individuals within a department by creating a group for each department and managing permissions accordingly. Here's a suggested approach:

1. **Create a Group for Each Department:**
- In Microsoft To Do, create a separate group for each department within your organization.

2. **Create Lists for Each Department:**
- Within each group, create lists that correspond to different categories or projects within the department.

3. **Share Lists with Relevant People:**
- Share each list with the individuals relevant to that particular department. This allows you to control access at the list level.

4. **Assign and Manage Tasks:**
- Assign and manage tasks within each list. The shared members will have access to the tasks within the lists they are explicitly shared with.

While this approach involves sharing at the list level, organizing your structure with groups for each department can help streamline the process and make it more manageable. Keep in mind that the features and capabilities of Microsoft To Do may evolve over time, so it's a good practice to check for updates or new features that may address your specific needs.

As of now, for a more granular approach, you may need to share individual lists with specific people. If Microsoft To Do introduces new features or enhancements related to group-level sharing in the future, you can explore those options to further simplify your task management.

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