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I'm really disappointed that this application has not supported the feature to allow shared lists.  I use Wunderlist now and honestly have not made the change to To-Do because of this.  I use it at work and collaborate with my work colleagues have access to the same lists for a number of things and then my wife and I both have access to some of the lists so we can both update.  If she needs to make a grocery store list, it's automatically populated to my phone so I can swing by the store on the way home from work.  Or if I need something, I can go into the list and add it so she sees it the next time she's at that store.  


I just find it hard to believe this feature was dropped when we are collaborating more and more online and there are even other Microsoft 365 applications which all link together to make collaborating easier.  This would be such a lovely extension of that if it was all tied together.

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I can't like this post, why? 

Anyway, totally agree. No sharing todo list has limited value. 

I personally agree with you guys, it would be fantastic that this application allows us to share.
in my opinion, would suggest using Planner for share and collaboration if you use O365

Thank you @Dave Norton. I tested a bit now. Do you have a good experience of using planner? A bit annoying it is not possible to add an image. 

Hi @Kurt Lane@Qingfen Lin and @Jorge Garcia Perez , I'm super happy to let you know that we are putting the finishing touches on sharing now. Stay tuned! 

Hi @Dave Norton and @Qingfen Lin,


If you're using both Microsoft To-Do and Planner, you may find this flow handy. You can add your assigned tasks to Microsoft To-Do by following the instructions here:

I have had mixed results with Planner. 


It would be nice if Planner had built in ability to sync to Outlook, you need to use 3rd party service today.


I think Planner is better for sharing since To Do does not have sharing today.


I think the ability to have comments so everyone can update the task is much better than ToDo.


The subtask feature is better than To Do.


In my opinion, To Do or Wunderlist should not be used for business unless you need to share/manage tasks outside your organization. If you need to share outside your domain, Planner is limited to updating via Groups.


Planner also works with Teams, another benefits, ToDo does not.


The only benefit in my opinion of adding Planner tasks to ToDo would be sync with Outlook.

MS Planner has so much more than ToDo. Apps4Pro does the same thing and keeps subtasks and comments, ToDo is very limited.


I hope MS does not plan to use ToDo as a business task list, 1 yr and Steps is the only meaningful update means sharing, proper comments, email to tasks may be featured in 2030 (based on the development rate).


I sure hope Joe B lights a fire under the Wunderlist/ToDo team to take less than 1 yr to roll out a meaningful feature like Steps...shame Wunderlist cannot be ported to Azure!!!!




Hi @Dave Norton, while releasing Steps may have taken a bit longer than we would have liked, I'm happy to say that we do have quite a bit in the works. We're also thinking of how best to integrate across Microsoft and help surface tasks in helpful ways, no matter if you're using Planner, Microsoft To-Do or Outlook. I want to thank you for bearing with us and I hope you'll stay tuned!

Hi Keturah.  Sharing now shows up as a feature in our To-Do.  However, it doesn't seem to work.  I sent two colleagues the link to a To-Do list, and when they click it, it only takes them to their To-Do page, and my list is not available to them.  


I checked the options page, and the "limit access to current members" option is turned off.  If it were on, I could understand why nobody can be added to my list, but it was off by default.


Any thoughts on what might be going on here?

Hi @William Swann I'm really sorry for the trouble there. Sharing hasn't been fully implemented just yet which is why your colleagues weren't able to join the list. We're currently working to optimize sharing before it's fully available to the public. Again, I'm really sorry that you encountered that glitch while we finalize the feature. 

Hi Keturah! Similar to Kurt's original post, I use Wunderlist with work colleagues and with my wife. She, obviously, doesn't have an account with my small business. In order for Teams+Outlook to work correctly, I need to use my work account with To Do. However, neither of us can share lists because she has a Microsoft personal account and I have a Microsoft work(/school) account. Apparently the two aren't allowed to speak to one another? It's a very strange setup. Will this get fixed, or should I move my email/domain to Google, then get us all signed up with Microsoft personal accounts, and use the free version of Teams and To Do? Thank you!