Shared Lists Do Not Work : Added Tasks are not propagated & Updates make task Disappear!!!!

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Gosh where to start:


Shared Lists are completely useless, they are not shared Lists instead they are snapshots that can only be edited by an owner, If shared list tasks are edited by “Shared To User” MS To Do hides tasks. To Do Shared Lists provide a snapshot of the current list from “Owner” to the “Shared To User” at the time the list is shared! I might as well send a Screenshot to “Shared To User” destination user!!!


Detail of bugs:

  1. When “Shared To User” edits an existing task created by “Owner” the task literally disappears from “Shared To User” list!! The task is NOT updated in the “Owner” list in anyway.
  2. If “Shared To User” creates a task in the list the “Owner” never sees the task. It ONLY appears in the “Shared To User”’s list.
  3. If the “Owner” updates a task or creates a new task the “Shared To User”’s list reflects the changes.


Is this by design? Are shared lists in To Do NOT bi-directional? Why would tasks disappear from “Shared To User” List just because the “Shared To User” updates the task?


I can show screen shots of my test cases in case your team did not test Shared List functionality in the app Microsoft paid 100 million for. What in the $%%%###?

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“Owner”: User that created source list in To Do. (in my test case a Microsoft Account)

“Shared To User”: user that source list is shared with. (in my test case a Microsoft Account)


Sharing does not work in ANY way. For basic To Do its OK, Sharing does not work in any way.
If you share a list with somebody and that somebody adds an item or updates an item you don't see any changes. The person that you share a list with only sees an initial view of your list however no changes are propagated between the owner and sharing destination. And what is even worse is if the sharing destination user updates any tasks that task disappear from The To Do List. Wow…. Did anyone test this?

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I am been facing similar issues with To do. Clearly this app isn't meant for colloboration. How I miss Wunderlist! I'm considering switching to todoist. What are you thinking?