Shared Lists are not working correctly

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Hi all,


I have shared a list with another account. When I completed a task on the other (non-owner) account I can see it for a blink of an eye in the completed list and then it's gone. In the owner list it is still available. If I complete the same task in the owner list, it's completed and it shows also up in the completed list of the non-owner account. Same goes for the WebClient and when creating tasks.

Does anybody else have this issue?



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@MajinBelail I am seeing same/similar behavior. Shared Lists do not work as expected on Android. Shared List only provides a snap shot at the time the list is shared. if “Shared To User” creates a task the task is not propagated to owner list, if “Shared To User” edits a task the task disappears from the list.


Shared Lists provide not functionality except a snapshot of the Shared List at the time it was shared. Might as well send a screen shot.

@JRDTechnologies The question is now is this an expected behaviour or a bug. If it's an expected behaviour than shared lists are useless.




Looks like that this is now fixed with the 2.29 App.
As far as I can tell it's working now as expected.