Selecting a Task Folder from Outlook on my mobile

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I use To Do on both my mobile (iOS) and laptop.  To make this work for me, I have set-up a number of task folders to create separate lists in To Do.


In Outlook on my laptop I can create a task from an email and have found a way to select the task folder I want to save the task to (which means the task appears in the right list in To Do).  This is a bit clunky (I'd rather have a way of tagging the task title with a specific list to file it in - but that's a different request).


The real question I have relates to Outlook on my mobile.  This now has the option of turning emails received into tasks in To Do directly from the Outlook mobile app(which I think is great).  The problem is these all appear to be automatically saved into the generic task folder and I can't find a way to pick the Task sub folder that I want to save the Task to (without then going in to To Do and moving each item - which then makes this a 2 step process which doesn't really appeal to me!)


There may be a way of doing this and I'd love to know what it is!

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