Scheduling time in Outlook for tasks

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I've been using To Do personally for a while now and just recently started a new job with Microsoft 365.  I love how To Do is starting to integrate with Outlook. Coming from a company that had used Google Workspace I recognize a new feature for To Do that could take it to another level.


I'd like to be able to schedule time on my calendar for specific tasks. It's one thing to have a due date of today, it's another to day, I'm going to complete this task between 1:00-1:30 today.


Dynamic options would be great as well - provide an estimated completion time (say 45 minutes) and then To Do & Outlook reserves 45 minutes free on my calendar. Even better would be a dynamic process that shows that time as free to others so if a meeting is scheduled at a time Outlook will move my task to another time (assuming there's time left before the due date).

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The ability to schedule/block time on your Outlook calendar for a specific to do item would be an extremely powerful feature addition for MS To Do.