Repeated task with repeated reminder for not completed tasks

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When I repeat a task, e.g. "feed the cat" I would like to repeat that in the morning and in the evening every day. I'm fine that I need to make two tasks, one for in the morning and one for in the evening.


But when  I set a reminder at 08 and 20, I want to get a reminder every day! Automatically, and also if I do not tick of the task for that day (horrible me, forgetting to feed the cat!). Is that possible and I am just not able to make it work or does that not exist?



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Same here. Recurring reminders are not a feature.
Any sign this is being addressed? Used to be OK in Wunderlist. Basically, if I set up a custom repeated task (e.g. Tuesdays and Thursdays), I expect to new able to have an associated reminder/notification that also repeated each time. Right now the reminder only appears the first time the task comes up. Seems pretty basic requirement for a To Do list?

@fyver Yes, please make this a feature!  Is there a place to submit feature requests?

I need also that on my android phone.
To bad for a so simple function not included on the app.
I will try Google keep notes and list that said that it can do that.

Almost two years later and this is still an issue.  If I check off a task close to it's due date and time it usually carries the reminder over to the next day, however, if I'm a few hours late checking it off or if I check it off on my phone, the reminder may not carry over to the next day.


I'm pretty sure the whole point of a "To Do" list is to "REMIND" you of things to do, right?  What's the point if the REMIND function doesn't work?


I've missed a few deadlines now because I trusted this app so now i'm looking for a new solution.