Remove red overdue date from recurring tasks

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Some tasks, which are set to be recurring everyday, do not need to be highlighted red with an overdue date if not completed. Can this be turned off?


I want the task to appear every day, but I don't want it to be flagged as overdue, and definitely not in a red font. e.g. task: 'Take a 20 minute walk' doesn't need to be flagged as overdue if it hasn't been done that day, but it is helpful to be in my task list each day. 

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Isn't it completely mind boggling how bad these to do task apps are? Also overview is simply dumb of all tasks, try to look week back on what you are slacking... And even paid one are not much better. They want you to pay 15$ per 10 tasks, or they don't have even reminder, or they are stupid to the point you think monkey programmed that... They are also showing random dates in completed task as it counts overdue dates, this app is completely useless I would be better of using notepad, geez retarded app that it pains...