Reminder and due date for steps

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Recently I have started using To-Do.

It is very exciting to see the development.

Can we have reminder and due date for the steps too?

That will enhance the functionality of Tasks.

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Hoping to pop this to the top of the list. Does anyone know when task-level due dates will be available? Thanks!

@Semantsen I second that. Been wanting this feature for weeks now. 


I'm not sure what the issue is. With ToDo there are Task Level Due dates, and Task Level Date/Time reminders, see images attached.


What I have a problem with is that with reminders you can set a date and time (I'd be happy with say a set time of 0900 and being able to set the date (or something like 0900) the day before the task is due). 


BUT I'd really like to set a date AND time for when a task is due. Particularly if I'm using ToDo to keep tabs on appointments and meetings etc. I'd like to say Due: Mon 3 March 2020 at 1400.


So is there any thought on adding a time field to the due date, that seems logical to me?



@Cirrus22 I meant at the Step level. So I have many steps under several of my To Dos and I want to be able to give each of the steps a due date.

Sorry, missed the ‘step level’ but, my bad. Yes it would be useful.

ToDo is very good with some really glaringly stupid (IMHO) omissions. If you can due date the complete process, of course you should be able to due date the steps that make up the process.
Atlassian’s Trello has this feature, I’m surprised that neither Planner nor To Do had this :worried_face:

@Semantsen @Marc_Dumazet  
Another great idea. Would you please add and vote for this feature on Microsoft's new Feedback Portal:

Would you recommend Trello over To-Do? Also curious if you've tried Monday?