"My Day" not a standalone tasklist?

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I am trying to use the Microsoft Graph API to integrate Microsoft ToDo in my app.

I want to get the tasks that are shown in the "My Day" folder.


The problem is that with "GET https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/me/todo/lists" I only get the "Tasks" folder and all the task lists that I created. The "Important" Folder also doesn't show up in the response. I specifically want to access the "My Day" folder but havent found out how. 


Is it possible to do so, or does the "My Day" folder not count as a standalone task list? Even if its not a task list, shouldn't it be possible to still access all the tasks that have the tag "Added to My Day"? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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My Day is a joke. Not even close to a tool that can be taken seriously for actual work.