Profile picture not showing in ToDo Lists

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Hello there,


I have successfully added a profile picture in my microsoft account. It is showing everywhere. Even in the Todo App its shown on the top left corner.




If I have a shared list of tasks there are only the Initials of the different persons in the same color. 

This is super confusing......    


Is this a Bug? 


And Yes, I have already deleted the data in the avatar folder like described here:

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Same bug here... Still no fix is available :(
Me too :(
Getting the same thing—even more frustratingly, it displays some photos correctly in some places (web app and iPad app shows my own, only one single color with initials on the Mac, at least two different colors on iPhone)…

@Lougger500 same here. Germany Jan 2022.

Same problem here
Same here...

same problem SEP 2022


acutally its working with my company account but not working with my private (but paid) account (both have picture and its working in other apps)






Same issue here September 2022.  Microsoft please fix profile picture issue in mobile "To Do List" app.  Please advise

November 12, 2022 - Windows 11 ToDo app shows my initial, despite showing my account photo in the beginning, but my iOS app keeps showing my account photo

When I was encountering similar issue with Microsoft account and Windows itself not syncing my photo, setting the photo in Windows settings helped and changed the account photo everywhere - I did not try it at the time writing this, so who knows if it solves the issue again...

I have the exact same problem and have not found a fix @Lougger500 

The issue does still exist - after all these years ... :(