Please add timer functionality to tasks in To Do app

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It appears that something similar has been implemented in the Clock app linked to the To Do app, but there is nothing native inside of To Do that allows you to set a focus timer on tasks at any level (individual tasks or entire lists). 


I personally have not been able to link my To Do app to my Clock app after numerous attempts; unsure if the problem is a glitch in the program or due to user permissions from my managing organization (I've asked my employer and they said they are unaware of actively making any such restrictions). However, even if it did work, it seems very impractical to have two separate windows for managing and timing tasks and focus sessions. I would very much like to see some form of timer implemented natively

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Did you ever get a response to your question? I have the save feedback and concern.

Yes, I think it would be nice if we could have a timer, which would tell us how much time we have spent on each task.
Oh my goodness, please add this, Microsoft devs! This would be amazing!

I really wish MS could let us know if this will ever happen or if we should give up hope. The Windows clock integration is kludgy and the user community has been asking for something in the ToDo app for YEARS. There are some really nice looking third party add in's that do exactly what we've been asking for (it adds a timer button to each task and give you the ability to run a report to see time worked on tasks) but using a third-party app like that is a big no-no where I work.