Planner tasks in To-Do - Folders organisation

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I'm new to using both ToDo and Planner and I'm quite keen to use ToDo to manage all my actions from my own personal projects AND from team projects (based in Planner). When a Planner task is assigned to me, it appears in the "Assigned to you" list. Is there a way to move the tasks from the "Assigned to you" list into one of my own ToDo lists?


For example:

I have a list in ToDo called "Waiting for" - i.e. any tasks in which I'm waiting for someone else to complete an action before I can progress. In "Assigned to me" I have 16 tasks from 3 different project. Several of those tasks require someone else to do something before I can progress (e.g. I'm waiting for an external company to get back to me with a quote). I'd like to move those tasks to my "Waiting for" folder so that I can review as part of my weekly review.


Is there any way to make something work here?




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AFAIK these tasks from planner can’t be moved to other native ToDo lists.
Same question here. Did you get an answer anywhere else?
some from Microsoft please!!!!! this was way too useful to be forgotten. Right now it is very unclear to diffentiate the tasks.
it's now 2024 has this issue been resolved by now? Really keen om making use of this feature