Outlook Contact Reminder/Follow Up/Task

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I'm brand new to using To-Do. I'm able to get Outlook Flagged Emails (mostly) to show up in Microsoft To-Do. However when I go to Outlook Contacts and set a Follow Up and/or Add a Reminder for that Contact it creates a To-Do item in Outlook Tasks/To-Do but does not show up in the Microsoft To-Do App or Online interface.


I have been googling this and can't find any definitive information explaining this. I realize not all Outlook features yet integrate into To-Do but I want to be able to flag a contact for Follow Up and add a Reminder and have that notification through Microsoft To-Do. 


We are using the Microsoft Online Exchange (hosted by Microsoft) so from what I read that is what is required. 


Is this simply a feature not yet implemented? Or am I doing something wrong?


I also thought perhaps I could just setup a reminder directly in Microsoft To-Do however I see nothing in there that lets you add a contact to tasks, etc. 


Maybe I'm going about this all wrong and this isn't really intended to be used like this.


Any help and suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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