Open emails in desktop app

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Great that ToDo receives my flagged emails from the desktop app and great that I'm encouraged and guided through the process to use the app in that way. 


Then it opens them in Outlook web that I don't use. Stupid.


ToDo therefore useless to me and *many* others.

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I have the same feedback, makes no sense opening that email on OWA
I posted about similar (and a few others have as well). Seems to be a recurrent theme. I checked the UserVoice link on the right to make sure it was listed as a suggestion but it appears that the UserVoice instance was removed. Unsure of where to post a request for updates now.
It's absolutely maddening. You even get a tutorial that shows you how to use the **bleep** thing and then it opens in Web? Stupid. I've gone back to pen and paper.

But if I'm honest, it's just one of many things that's driving me up the wall with MS lately. Nothing in Win11 works as it should and it gets more and more broken with every update - they even remove functionality that the OS launched with!
It's "bleeped" dee ay em en, btw. :face_with_rolling_eyes:
So frustrating. So many of these "missing" things just seem so intuitive and yet not supported and no info as to if they will be.
When developed did someone actually think someone in a 365 environment that uses client for almsot all would want this to open online only? Are they not the majority of users?
Are they talking or listening to users? -rhetorical question unfortunately.