Only show number of overdue items in left pane?

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Hello!  New ToDo user here and coming from Wunderlist.  


This looks very similar to Wunderlist so I think I can get used to it.  One thing I liked in Wunderlist was the left hand pane which showed each of my "folders" (or whatever they're called) I could see at a glance the number of overdue items in each folder.  Well, in ToDo there is a number there in the same space but it shows the TOTAL number of non completed entries, regardless if they are overdue or not.  For example, if I have 3 entries that aren't marked completed and 1 is overdue and 2 are not, Wunderlist would put "1" next to the folder.  ToDo puts a "3" there.  Is there a way to make this number be only the number of overdue items like Wunderlist?  Thanks!

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