Only new tasks appearing in To Do web

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All of my many hundreds of tasks and notes have disappeared from To Do web as of a few days ago. They are still in To Do iOS. Both iOS and web say they have synced successfully when I force them to sync. If I add a new task to To Do iOS, or complete an existing task there, it appears in To Do web so it looks like changes/deltas are syncing but nothing older than the last couple days. All my lists appear in To Do web but they are all empty.


My assumption is that To Do web references server data shared state, and that therefore all my tasks from iOS are gone from server data, so if I uninstall the iOS app or sign out of it or something then all my data will be permanently gone. I can't see any way to force sync all the data still in the iOS app without editing each piece of data.


Any way to force To Do to actually do a complete sync of all data from iOS and not just deltas? Needless to say, experiencing data loss in a product like this, one that provides no means for me as an end user to back up, is the worst thing any company can do. I've tried to contact Microsoft support through the app but all the "contact us" links just take me in circles with no way to reach support that is not community support (i.e. support by other users). If I need to manually alter every task to force it to sync I will just copy them all to a different To Do app I can trust.

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I've tried signing in with an Android phone, it appears to sync completely with iOS so I'm a bit reassured at this point that the data is not actually gone from the server and this is simply a To Do web bug, hopefully a transient one.

@FlamebaitI'm seeing the same issue since a couple of days in the MS Todos web app. Checked on my iphone and luckily all entries are still available there, however like you said, only way which worked to get them back into the web app is altering them on my cellphone one by one, which isn't really a nice solution. Another way is making a copy of an existing list and replace the old one with the new one. Still annoying, but way faster than touching all entries on-by-one as long as there is no official solution.

@MBookfielder In my case the problem resolved itself in a day or two. Obviously like you I was very reluctant to sign out of the mobile endpoint that was still showing all the tasks given the risk of losing them all if they're not synced. However the first sign that things were working again showed up for me when I signed into an additional To Do web endpoint (in incognito mode, in a separate browser, so there was guaranteed to be no leftover caching or cookies) and my tasks started showing there. Once that worked I signed out of the original web endpoint and signed back in, and that one worked again as well. Perhaps give that a try.

@FlamebaitThanks for the hint. I already renewed all my lists by copy pasting them like described, however it's good to know, how to deal with this in the future.