Official Microsoft To-Do Documentation


I've been trying to collect info about To-Do in prep for a rollout to our company. The number one search result and a resource linked from Microsoft blogs about To-Do is this site:


I'm not sure what Helpshift is and why even Microsoft seems to be pointing here. Can this info be trusted?


Is there To-Do info on or If so, I can't find it.



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Hi @Kevin Crossman

There is a bit here on connectors but it’s not much

Helpshift seems to be where the documentation on To-Do is currently housed and the primary source at the moment. Microsoft can be seen recommending it in this thread

It is governed by the Mictosoft privacy statement

Looks like Microsoft are using helpshift as a third party mobile and web app support platform similar to how they use uservoice for reviews.

Maybe they will move it to in the future.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Yes, you confirmed my observations. Would be great to hear from Microsoft directly regarding this.

Sorry to pull this thread from the grave but this was the first thing that popped-up when I searched "Microsoft To Do Documentation".

It's been two years and there is still no documentation for this app? What happened?
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This is the closest thing to documentation

If you click into each section (Get Started, Lists, Tasks, Integrations, etc it has several articles). Nothing on though.

Best, Chris