No way to undo accidentally moving a Task to a Subtask

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I keep all my lists sorted by priority and end up dragging them around on my phone often.  I'm using drag & drop for this (not the dreadful "Reorder Tasks" feature, I mention at the end).


While dragging and dropping tasks to change their order it is super easy to accidentally let go of a task on top of another task instead of right between the two tasks I want it to go, which moves it as a subtask of another task.  (I wish I could just turn this off, while it is pretty neat, I don't use often enough and would negate this issue all together) 


The problem is once an item becomes a subtask, there is NO WAY to make it in to a task again.  You can actually go in to the task you accidentally dragged it under, press and hold the task that accidentally became a subtask and drag it over top of the top bar for returning back to your task list and AMAZINGLY the screen does animate back to the task list (while you are still holding it), but now it won't let you drop between tasks, and you must select another task to move the subtask to.


In other words while it is very easy to convert a task to a subtask, there is no way to UNDO and the reverse (make a subtask in to a task) is IMPOSSIBLE.


To resolve the issue here are my suggestions (one or all of these could be implemented to correct this)

  • UNDO - UNDO (shake to undo in iOS) would resolve this issue and would also help accidentally taking other actions, such as accidentally completing a task.
  • Drag & Drop a subtask in to a task.  The interface already exists to take a subtask and drag to the main list, just need to allow the dropping between the main tasks, instead of the current requirement of having to pick a task to drop into.
  • Swipe RIGHT on the subtask to get the same MOVE TASK option (that already appears on main tasks today, but not subtasks) to allow moving to the parent TASK


NOTE: In leu of drag an drop, there is a "Reorder Tasks" menu option that brings up a NON-DEVICE specific way of ordering things with double arrows you have to click to move items one at a time, which both does not comply with the design guidelines of iOS nor Android and also horribly inefficient to move tasks around more that a few rows at a time (for example bringing the bottom task up to the top in a long list).  Standard interface on iOS for example would have been to enable handle bars next to the items to allow easier drag & dropping.  However switching to a ordering mode is still a daunting task, and the preferred approach would be to correct the issue by doing the suggested enhancements to fix the standard drag & drop to reorder functionality.

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