No option to Assign on any device

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We have O365 accounts.  I have Microsoft To Do on my Android, through the browser as well as installed the Windows 10 app.  If I open a task, every article says I should have an option to Assign.  There is NO option on any device to assign.

How do we get this feature enabled?  

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@luvsqlyou "should have an option to assign"... from a shared list.  Is the source task an element of a list shared with the targeted assignee?

@Diatom: I also do not have any option to assign tasks. When I open the app, I'd like to see a list of all of my tasks, sorted by due date. The best way I've thought to do this is to assign them all to myself, and use the "Assigned to you" tab. Do I need to go into every single separate list I've created and add myself as a shared person? 


If there is a simpler way to get the results, I'm happy to give it a go.

@luvsql I am having this issue - did you ever get a solution?

@JcyMclean @luvsql 


Same issue here. For To Do on the web. iOS app. Windows app. All are without assign to options.


What am I missing?

I am having the same issue. Any help @Pernille-Eskebo