Needed feature: Sort by two attributes/ subsidiary sort/ second level sort

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Microsoft To Do needs to add the feature to enable the user to sort by more than just one attribute.

Presently, for example, I can sort alphabetically. This causes my completed and still-to-do tasks to be intermixed (and displayed in alphabetic order).

[ I could hide completed tasks, but that's not the way I want to use To Do ]

I want to be able to "Sort first by Completed, then within each of the two sub-lists that sort order produces (all of the still-to-do items first, then all of the completed items) further sort alphabetically".

That should produce a list like this:

TODO         Coffee

TODO         Eggs

TODO         Yogurt


COMPLETE Green Beans


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This is also relevant for me and would be great if it is integrated.
Yes! We need the ability to sort by secondary, and tertiary, etc. criteria! Please let us sort by Date, then Priority, then Alphabetical, with a filter by Category.