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I love the My Day feature - but I am always needing to plan tomorrows' activities today i.e. one day in advance.


Could this be added as a feature?


Thank you

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This is exactly my dilemma with how to effectively use ToDo.

Love it-- would be a welcome planning tool. IT's very easy in today's digital age to be easily distracted by incoming requests and information. The ability to determine what to work on next and set aside time for focused work is essential.

I'm happy to read your proposal in our community. I often have a look on my lists at the end of the day and it would nice to be able to prepare the next day directly.
would love to see this added too
This would be a tremendous help to my team in adopting the application. Many have voiced the desire for a "tomorrow" list.

This feature would be awesome

when will "planned" be a feature of IOS, Android and Windows 10?

Hello All
Thank You so much for your valuable suggestion! User feedback and suggestions are really important to us as we work to improve Microsoft To-Do.
My Tomorrow List option  in Microsoft To-Do is a really good idea and we will consider adding it in a future update.
In the meantime, we encourage all our users to post their ideas for future features and up-vote similar suggestions on "Microsoft To-Do User Voice"  -
This idea has already been posted by another user, so I would suggest that you vote for it below so that our development and management team will take this idea into consideration .

We base our choices for future features on what our users most request, so you should add your ideas, comments, and votes!
Thank you for your patience as we work on this and many other improvements to Microsoft To-Do!
Best Regards,
Kiran Teja


I would very like to have this too. 
I always plan my next da on the evening and this would be very very helpful.

@Maurice Manktelow 

Yes, and for both My Today and My Tomorrow -- PLEASE SET THE DUE DATES FOR THESE DAYS!! This way they become automatically OVERDUE if not completed.

@Maurice Manktelow 

Tks, I notice there is now 4 discussions on this topic but none of them are ranking high, probably if they added them all into one as the thought & subject is the same on all - it would push them number of votes for this feature very high.


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These are all requests from people struggling to not be able to forward plan as needed because of this To-Do & Planner software not providing for people who need to forward plan as they need to