Ms To-do display issues in IE

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Hi all,


We are having issues with Ms To-do not displaying correctly in IE11.


It works fine in Chrome and Firefox.


We have tried adding to compatibility view but this doesnt help the issue.


when navigating to the site via apps in o365 we are greeted by either a blank white screen.


If we go straight to the url - the content loads but its all over the page.


Any ideas?

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We had the exact same issue - which was related to the way we have our IE11 setup to show everything in the intranet zone in compatibility mode.  (Which forces IE8 mode, which makes the app look terrible).


We opened a support case, and the To-Do team has agreed to fix their code (add a header to tell IE that it is ok to use IE11 mode).  I haven't followed-up recently to see when that was going to deliver, but in March it was "close".


P.S. We've seen the same issue with Forms (now fixed), Visio (still not fixed) and Planner.


For me the To-Do app does not load in:

  • Chrome - constant rotating gears
  • Firefox - blank white screen
  • Edge - Static gears
  • Explorer11 - loads but does not display any icons

It was working for a while and was quite usefull, now I cannot use it at all.