MS To Do app does not synchronise reminders properly with outlook

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When I complete a task in MS To Do App (on my iphone) the corresponding reminder in outlook is not cancelled but still appearing.


Did I miss something?


Thanks for your support


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It works fine for me...

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app (on the iPhone)?

Not yet. Backup is secured via the previous outlook sync, correct?

The backend for Microsoft To-Do is Exchange Online.

Hence, every task present in Exchange Online (i.e. Outlook Tasks) should be safe.

Ok, thanks!


I reinstalled the app, but the problem still exists.


To track the problem I did the following in the app:

a) created a new task "test"

b) set a reminder for the same day (6pm)

c) manually changed the reminder to 3pm, same day

d) checked the box for "task completed"


In outlook the task was synchronized as follows:

a) new task successfully synchronized

b) reminder set to 6pm, same day

c) change of reminder NOT synchronized - remains at 6pm, same day

d) completion of task synchronized (status is 100% completed), but reminder not automatically deactivated


This really is kind of bothering as I do have to actively close any completed task in both front ends.


Any idea?




Hi Bernd,


I'm going to need more information in order to understand what's happening. Which version/platform of To-Do are you using? Which version/platform of Outlook? Which app (if not both) is actually notifying you based on this broken reminder?




Hi Timo,




It is the iOS App 1.30, build 180426.2131 on my iphone 6s together with Office 365 ProPlus, Version 1708 (build8431.2242) on my windows computer.


When I finalize a task in the App, the status of the task in Outlook changes to "task 100% completed", but the reminder is still there and open. Only once I open the task in outlook and save it again it says something like "because the task is already completed the reminder will be cancelled". But this does not happen automatically which is quite annoying ...


Hope you can help!