MS To Do account change on my mac.

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I have multiple MAC Mini's one of my mac mini's is stuck using the wrong account for To Do sign-in.  The app account panel to change my login account doesn't load on this one Mac Box, works on the others.  How do I force the MS To Do App to use a different account if the Account Panel isn't loading/running when selected from the app? 


Office 365 apps, outlook, excel, word, etc all prompt me for my login and I use my MS Login and all works great, just MS To Do is stuck using my iphone/apple id for the account and won't let me change it to the MS Account login.


BTW, the Web Version of Office 365, all apps and To Do prompts for login and remembers my login and works on the Web App.  Just this one mac box doesn't prompt or let me change the account to sign in to MS To Do.

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