Moving To-do List Account


Is there any way to move a to-do list between my work and personal accounts? I have a fairly large one (25+ items w/ dates and notes) in my work account for a personal event we're planning. Realized after creating I can't share with my wife. Any options to copy/move or do you have to recreate it in the personal account to share?

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I am having the same problem.  I have a To-Do list under my personal MSN account. My company just moved to Office 365.  I would like to import the To-Do lists from my personal account into my work account.  Ironically, the To-Do Setting on my work's Office 365 account lets me import from Wunderlist (my former list manager, which I imported to To-Do), but not from MSN.  I have Googled this for an hour this afternoon and do not find an option to import from a To-Do account, or to import lists from one To-Account to another.  Seriously??   Is there a solution that does not require me to manually copy all of my entries into my Office 365 To-Do account?

I am working on the same issue and just had a thought.
You can export todo from outlook desktop and import into a different desktop account.
So, I will try moving my task in this fashion and let you know. Lets see who can do this first. or maybe you already solved the issue for yourself.