Mixed completed and uncompleted tasks worked well for me

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I use To Do to keep my shopping lists synced with my family. The latest 2.17 change that separated completed and uncompleted lists broke one of the things I use regularly. We have a many completed tasks (shopping items) that we regularly move back to uncompleted. When completed items were sorted, finding previously completed items and moving them back to uncompleted was easy. I wouldn't mind the change if I could sort the completed list alphabetically, but now my completed list is basically impossible to use in this case. The default sorting of most recent isn't helpful. In a future version, could you please either 1) allow me to configure whether completed and uncompleted items are intermixed or 2) allow me to sort the completed items?

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@Geoff_Nicholls  I am with you 100%. I just noticed the change when I planned a trip to Costco. Without the completed list being sorted, it is useless to me. I'm really surprised that when you ask for your list to be sorted, it doesn't sort both in the same manner (ascending, descending).


My completed list is extremely valuable to me when sorted because I enter items by which they can be found in the store;  Frozen - Blueberries, Frozen - Shrimp, Produce - Lettuce, Produce - Avocados ... etc.  Now I have to go through the entire completed list to find something.


Please please please let us sort our completed list. I happen to like the separation of the two lists a lot, thank you.