Missing Wunderlist top-of-list feature needed in To-Do

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Just migrated from Wunderlist and I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised that MS To-Do is a well-executed clone of Wunderlist. One missing feature, though, is very apparent right from the start: the option to have new items added to a list to be added to either the top of the list or the bottom of the list. This, as I recall, was in Preferences in Wunderlist. As it is, To-Do tends to (but not always, it seems) add a new item to the bottom of the list. If you have a very long list and you really want that new item up top where it gets priority attention, you have to laboriously drag it (and scroll) all the way to the top.

Thanks for your consideration ... 

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An alternative:

If not a Wunderlist-like preference to declare that new items be added to the top of a list by default, how about the ability to select an item and "Move to Top of List"? 

@bradleyks I agree. It is also the same with steps within a To Do. They are added at the bottom. I wish the steps were reordered after you cross something off the list like they do in Wunderlist.

Completely agree.

- Moving new items to the top would be great.

- As would not having to do a laborious scroll to re-order.

- As would marking something as priority (star) should move it to the top.

- As would the ability to add a new task when in a list on the webapp

All things that used to work in Wunderlist.