Migrating tasks from one account to another

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I have been using a personal account with both Todo and Wunderlist .   The benefit being I have the import tasks form Wunderlist to Todo as they both have a common account .   I do however want to consolidate all tasks on to ToDo,  but under the my own Org Id account.   

Is there a way to do that?


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No, you need to create this again on your org to-do unfortunately

@adam deltinger     Hmmmmmm  ,  that is not great.  The only reason I am having to is we don't have addin support in Outlook { and Chrome) like we do with Wunderlist .  


I guess one way is to create a  flow that migrates tasks from one account to another. Manually recreating tasks in my Org ToDo  would be a good  reason for me to stay on Wunderlist :unamused:


@Daniel Westerdale 

Hello there, thanks for this thread, I am having a serous problem here or maybe I'm just too scared to try it and potentially mess stuff up.


We are already using Microsoft ToDo App (via the Windows10 App via Windows10 Store) with e.g. a personal so-called Microsoft Account being the email address of a user curently.


This user has plentiful of objects in the Microsoft ToDo App, lot of lists, ToDo entries there and a good history and extensive work put into this ToDo account.


Then recently, the decsision was being made, that the mail/domain and the company is buying a Microsoft 365/Office 365 product, so this email address of the user currently being regarded of the type "Microsoft personal account" is going to end up as a user-name inside the Microsoft365 ExchangeOnline product etc.


What happens with all the objects/entries in the currently personal-kind of account when this accounts ends up as a microsoft365 account?


Do the ToDo objects/items end up magically inside the microsoft365 product as well? do I lose all these ToDo objects as this account (via its name=email-address) gets re-created as new/fresh/empty inside the microsoft365 concept?


Would really like to know, as this is some serious data loss for a number of users here. Also the export conecpt of Microsoft ToDo via logging-in with this account/credentials into outlook.com kind of doesnt give me any answers at all to, on how to possibly import this kind of data into a different/new todo/account at all?


People speak about the need to re-create everything that is inside ToDo, but as the email address = way to login to the ToDo App, I can not even switch between two ToDo Accounts as far as I understand, and to make copy/paste over the stuff here either.


What to do now or how do I need to understand these situations and concepts? Thanks a lot for a speedy answer to this matter.



Unless there is an open source or commercial tool out there, you may want to experiment  using the the ToDo APIs - you will need to request access to the APIs which I have now done.  Hopefully , his will allow you to run some queries using graph explorer  under both types types of accounts when your access is granted.   



Testing toDO APIs.JPG


Once you have tested your access to the APIs in graph explorer, you can decide on the Graph PowerShell SDK or even Power Automate or  Azure functions .  Hope this is helpful.