Microsoft ToDo Retention policy

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When I add tasks to my ToDo lists through Outlook or the ToDo app, the tasks stay for about 2 weeks and then after that, they are moved into an online archive folder, but do not show up in the ToDo app.  Is there a way to either:

  1. Change the retention policy to only move completed todo items to the archive.
  2. Show all tasks from the online archive in the ToDo app.

Currently, I have to manually move the uncompleted ToDo items from the online archive back to the original location.  This is extremely inconvenient.

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I don't know why nobody has answered yet to this message, but this is a real struggle.

Almost every company ha an archiving/retention policy in place and therefore all regular recurring tasks

or storing ideas/reminders as a task in an "Idea List" becomes useless... They just disappear from one day to the other without any hint.

Does anyone know if someone is working on that? @JDavid1615 already provided good solution proposals. 


I am not sure how serious the MS ToDo Team is reviewing the Feature Request Tool, but there is already an open issue for this ->

Please support if you have the same struggle :)