Microsoft ToDo reporting with dates

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Microsoft ToDo is a great and simple tool to keep track of work to be done:

-To remember that it has to be done

-To planify when to do it

-To specify if and when it is completed


I quitted using Planer to use ToDo. The problem is the availability of reporting dates, even a simple report.


Obviously all the related dates are known by the tool, but I don't know how to make it "speak".

When I close a ToDo, I add how much time I spent on it.


As an example, at the end of the month, I would like to make a report of all tasks closed during the month. Did I missed something or it is not possible to do it even if the data is obviouly there.


Thanks for helping me to better understand this tool.



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I also want to know how to filter like "Tasks Done today". If this tool have reports like that, i think it's great
No answer so far... I also opened a ticket on my business account. I will keep you informed.
Let.s say that Microsoft propose many tools to remind you things to do (too many ? Task, To-Do, Planner, Project). I was using Planner but I like better To-Do.
It is easy to use. The problem is the reporting. Not having a good reporting tool is not such an issue, as long as we have a way to extract the data to, let.s say, Excel. It is quite amazing that you can drop data in a system, but you cannot extract and analyse that data... :thinking_face:
To answer more precisely your question, when using the Window ToDo app, on the left menu, you have an item with "My Day", etc. One of them is now "Completed", or something similar. I think that this is the best we can do now...:astonished_face: Again I don't understand how you can built a system without a way to extract the data...

@Gaston Huot 

"Tasks done today" is just some tasks planned before, but done today. In the end of day, i want to review how many tasks i've just done....

So my day is simple list tasks that plan today, not yesterday or in the pass.

Hope Microsoft update some useful features about reporting... :smile:

Finally Microsoft said that there is no way to extract the data so far. They probably act fast on the front store, and the back store (structure) is still moving in a messy way. I suppose that they will wait until it stabilizes before providing a better connection with the DBase.


If the information you're interested in is "Date Completed", there is a workaround using Outlook!
This is assuming that tasks added in MS ToDo are automatically reflected in Outlook! If this is the case, this will help!

1. From Outlook click on "File" and select "Open & Export"
2. Click on "Import/Export"
3. From the "Import and Export Wizard" select "Export to a file" and click "Next"
4. Select "Comma Separated Values" and click "Next"
5. Select folder to export from (look for the task list you want to export. It could be found in "Inbox" or "Tasks") and click "Next"
6. Enter a name and location for the file you're exporting and click "Next"
7. Map the field you want to export and click "Finish"

Once again, this is a work around and a not an ideal solution! I hope this helps :)