Microsoft ToDo details pane won't stay open after sub-task actions

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I'm using the Windows 10 app version of Microsoft ToDo.  Recently the task details pane keeps closing immediately after taking action on a sub-task (e.g. marking a sub-task complete, or entering a new sub-task).  In the past, the pane would stay open after these actions.  But now, working with a list of sub-tasks is painfully tedious, as the pane needs to be re-opened after every sub-task action.  Is this an error, or a new "feature"? 

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Additionally, the same thing happens in the Today pane - taking any action on tasks that appear in the Today suggestions pane (such as marking one of them complete) causes the pane to immediately close. (Another unwelcome "feature".)

This issue now seems to be magically fixed.

This issue is happening again, starting this morning.  It has not been an issue since fixed in 2020.