Microsoft To Do tasks not saving

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We have a really strange issue affecting only one of our user accounts.  Of course it is the big boss of the company and we cannot resolve the issue. :facepalm:


It seems that any tasks created in Microsoft To Do, from any app are not persisted to the server. This has been tested on the web (, Windows and iOS versions of To Do (all app versions are current).


If we create a task in To Do and then sign out or quit the app, the app says it is performing a sync and then exits. However, when we reopen, the tasks are not there.  In the web version, it seems that local browser storage is used until the tasks are persisted to the server because the tasks remain visible between browser sessions (on the same browser only) but the browser prompts us to save changes before leaving the page. If we clear cookies/cache the tasks are certainly gone.


In the web version, we've opened the Developer Tools and observed the network activity is all okay - ongoing asynchronous calls and all with HTTP 200 responses.  It appears the app is in good comms with the server but changes still do not get persisted to the server.


Saving was at one time working because there are groups on the account, but when we try to delete these they are only removed locally but not deleted from the server.


We have tested across multiple devices, including on devices we know work fine for other accounts, but it still does not work for this one account.  So our conclusion is that it is account-related.


We have unlicenced the Office365 Business account from the user to try and force a reset but this has also had no effect. 


We have tried some further tests with shared lists - shared a list to the problem account and this has successfully appeared within their account along with any tasks within that list. But any changes the user tries to make within the shared list are not persisted.


We also tested where the problem user account created and shared a list, which surprisingly generated a share URL which was able to be accessed from another working account (it worked).  However, the shared list disappeared from the problem user account; like all other changes, it was not persisted for the problem user account.  The user who created the list is also now unable to open the list using the share URL they originally generated even though I can see from the other accounts that they remain the 'owner' of that list.


The only difference we can find with this account is that initially they imported their tasks from Wunderlist.  I don't believe that this is a cause of problems, but it is quite literally the only difference we can identify between this problem account and every other working account we have in our O365 tenant.




We've created a support ticket with the Microsoft To Do support team but this does not seem to be progressing. Ticket reference is 54613.



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I just decided to give this a test as I was looking for a new To-Do List, and unfortunately, I am having the same problem. @Tim-kc 

Hi @Tim-kc 


I found a possible solution, hit the enter key on the keyboard after typing the task on the list. 


I was not having success on my computer, so I decided to try on my phone, and it failed at first, but I noticed as I was typing, there was a done button, so I clicked it, and it worked.  Then went back to the computer and tested with pressing the Enter button on my Keyboard and it works.


I hope that Helps

Hi @uc-collab-eng 

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately, we are not having an issue creating tasks - they do get created in the client app and retained for the duration of the session, but they never get synced to the server, or between client apps. This is occurring on all client apps tested - web, iOS and Windows; and all on different devices which leads us to conclude it is related to the user account/profile.

Other user accounts don't have the same issue, even using the same devices that are problematic for this one user account.