Microsoft To-Do - Suggestion : Nested Groups

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Hello! I don't post often so please recommend any labels, or tags. Thank you.


Basically I'm just suggesting that we implement a feature for nesting groups, inside of groups. 


IE. (G for Group, L for lists, T for tasks, N for Notes [In the tasks])


G - Movies Watched

    G - Action

      L - Fast and Furious 5

        T - Watched 08/21/2019

          N - Joined by bob and taylor, watched at bob's house

        T - Watched 01/17/2021

          N - Watched by myself

      L - Fast and Furious 6

        T - Watched 01/18/2021

          N - Watched with bob

    G - Drama

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There are far more realistic opportunities for a feature like this to be used, than just to keep track of movies you've seen. This effectively just transcends the level of organization you can utilize in Microsoft To-Do.
For individual level project management, To Do is a very good option so the more options for organization, the better. I use To Do as a low level project management tool for work and personal tasks. Being able to nest groups would be extremely helpful.

@SpencerOwens I also feel having a nested group in the TO DO would be great option. For the low project management having groups inside the project parent group would help in keeping track of the events and tasks.