Microsoft To-Do - Suggestion : Nested Groups

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Hello! I don't post often so please recommend any labels, or tags. Thank you.


Basically I'm just suggesting that we implement a feature for nesting groups, inside of groups. 


IE. (G for Group, L for lists, T for tasks, N for Notes [In the tasks])


G - Movies Watched

    G - Action

      L - Fast and Furious 5

        T - Watched 08/21/2019

          N - Joined by bob and taylor, watched at bob's house

        T - Watched 01/17/2021

          N - Watched by myself

      L - Fast and Furious 6

        T - Watched 01/18/2021

          N - Watched with bob

    G - Drama

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There are far more realistic opportunities for a feature like this to be used, than just to keep track of movies you've seen. This effectively just transcends the level of organization you can utilize in Microsoft To-Do.
For individual level project management, To Do is a very good option so the more options for organization, the better. I use To Do as a low level project management tool for work and personal tasks. Being able to nest groups would be extremely helpful.