Microsoft To Do - Search capabilities

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I can't do a search in To Do that brings up information housed in To Do.  This function worked in Task.

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@BMARYAN I have the same issue.  I've been using MS To Do for a few years now, and it is a "work in progress."  It seems that Microsoft updates and/or changes regularly while trying to refine and integrate the product with the other MS apps.  Up until just recently, the search box in To Do only searched To Do.  Now, the search function searches all of the Outlook folders.  You can "filter" the search but there is not a folder for "tasks" or "To Do" that I can find.  Anyhow, I came across your post because I was looking for a solution.  Sorry, I don't have one for you, but hopefully, someone will chime in with one.  

Hi @tyrembe & @BMARYAN

I came to this list looking for an answer to this and someone had kindly posted that if you run ToDo independently outside of Outlook then the search works as it should.  Use edge or google to search for ToDo, then log into that with your usual login to MS365, Outlook or whichever, this allows the search to work "properly".  It still picks up flagged emails from Outlook etc.