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Working with multiple Office 365 accounts is becoming a hustle. I have 3. Up to now. Each company I am part of wants me not as a guest, but as a full user. :\

I understand that transforming all Microsoft's apps to multi-account requires space level engineering.

But maybe adding this capability only to Microsoft To-Do... is not that complicated. 

Think about it: you can have ALL tour task from multiple Planners in one small app. How great & convenient!

There seems that a solution for this does not exist yet in the market. If there is, please advice.

Food for thought. 

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Hi @RobbyRalston 


Maybe I'm not understanding your request, but To Do does support multiple accounts.




This is on the desktop version. You can add other 365 accounts as well as Microsoft account (i.e. Outlook etc) and quickly change between them. This also works on the Android version of the app; unsure about the iPhone as I don't' have one.

@RobbyRalston Exactly. For years now this seems to be the part that Microsoft just doesn't get: "Each company I am part of wants me not as a guest, but as a full user.


Being a consultant for over 20 years now, I have yet to find a client that doesn't create an account for me instead of using any of the alternatives. 


This makes Teams (on desktop) and To Do extremely annoying to use.