Microsoft To-Do: Now available for EDU


Good news! We've opened up Microsoft To-Do Preview for EDU and a number of other users. Take a look here to see if your account is now supported. If so, you can now toggle it on in the admin panel (more instructions here). If you have any questions, we're here to help.


While we're here, we've also just created a brand new Microsoft To-Do blog space and will be keeping it updated. Let us know what blog posts you'd like to see and we'll see what we can do. 



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Great news @Polly. Thanks for sharing - a number of edu institutions I'm working with a keen to try this out. It's great to have a dedicated area too to ask questions - I've got a few to add in due course ;)



We've enabled the service two weeks ago in our admin portal.

It works ok in the mobile app but we are still getting an error page when going to


The error message says that the webapp doesn't support work/school accounts yet?



That's right @Bart. For an EDU tenant you can access via iOS, Android and Windows apps but not the web yet. You can access via the web if you use a Microsoft Account.

Hi Bart,


Just wanted to let you know the web app on now supports work and school accounts. Let us know if you experience any more issues!