Microsoft To Do not working on Mac OS

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I have switched from Wunderlist to Microsoft To Do, and have added it to my iPhone and iPad with no problem. I also downloaded it for my iMac at home (OS 10.15.3) and it worked for a little while. However, it crashed one day, and never recovered. Every time I try to open it, it crashes and asks if I want to send a big report to MS. I completely uninstalled it and reinstalled it, and the problem persists. I cannot even keep it open long enough to make adjustments or see what might cause the issue. Has anyone encountered this before?

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@jimconnell65  Has been working fine for me for a few weeks but this morning same happened to me. 

@jimconnell65 Had exactly the same issue on my Mojave 10.14.6 MBP the other day.


No amount of uninstalling, OSX Library file removal or deep system cleaning will allow it to work. App opens, then 'minimises' itself away and refuses to display. I've changed the task on another device to see if that would help as well.


Working fine on other devices... 

Conversation with ToDo Support (read from bottom to top):

I am very sorry about that, and we will release a new update for To Do in two weeks. That update should have this problem fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


I have tried that a couple times already. I tried it once more today and it worked as long as I started up ToDo without being connected to the internet.

When I try to start ToDo while on the internet, the program crashes on startup. When I have ToDo on and it’s working well then I connect to the internet, ToDo crashes and I can’t open it again until I get off the internet.

March 19, 2020, 01:56 +0000
I am very sorry that you ran into this problem, and I'd love to help!

In this case, could you please uninstall To Do totally through AppCleaner App which could be downloaded here [] and follow the steps below to uninstall?
- Open the AppCleaner Windows
- Drag To Do into it, and select all related files to delete
After that, please reinstall To Do again to try.

If this still persists, please let us know and this probelm will be escalated to our engineers!


Microsoft To Do crashes multiple times each day. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times and this does not help. Besides my frustration at this product being so inferior to Wunderlist, the fact that I cannot reliably use the app is incredibly frustrating. Does anyone have an updated solution? @GPinBK 

I stumbled on a fix that worked for me:

1) Make sure the computer is off-line

2) Open Microsoft ToDo

3) Go to “Account” and sign out

4) Turn on internet connection to computer

5) Sign in to account again - it seems to be working fine now

This worked for me, saved my day! Thank you!
The update doesn't make a difference in October 2020. Going offline, as suggested by @GPinBK, and logging out and then back in while online works!

@GPinBK Thanks I will try it!

@jimconnell65  Who do I ask if I still have the problem? I downloaded ToDo last week and yesterday I signed out by accident. Today I can't sign in. When I enter my email into the first box it disappears and a second empty white box comes up on the screen. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have organized all my to do's after downloading it... now there is the potential for losing all that work. I want to scream out loud. I've never ever had any issues like this with any other software except Microsoft. Any ideas on how to fix this ?



@GPinBK so you're saying the only way to fix this is to delete the entire program? is there a back up somewhere? I'm worried that If I delete and reinstall I'll lose all my hard work. I can get it to log in on my iphone but the program is missing all my lists. So what to do????

My problem is a bit different. TODO opens but when I click in the box to enter a task nothing happens. I can not type anything inside the box. I've uninstalled completely using the App Remover mentioned above and then downloaded again. It's always the same. I can enter info online and it will sink with the desktop app....but I just can't click in the box with the plus sign to enter a new task....can someone please help me? thanks.



I have the exact same problem. I am able to add the task on my iOS devices though and it shows on the MacOS app. I have rebooted the computer to no avail.

By the way, I tried the simple way of uninstalling the app by dragging it to the bin and reinstalling it from the app store. I am able to add tasks again on the Mac OS app again.

@Jaiseeker The program has not synced well between my MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone. Sometime ago I was told by support to uninstall and reinstall. I can’t find the instructions. I googled this question and was directed to this techcommunity. The questions were different than mine.. Please tell me if this is the correct solution and if so, explain how to do this.

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@jimconnell65 We should submit this as a bug to Microsoft. SYNC is not working for MacOS. I have tried all suggested solutions: 

  • Sign In/Sign Out
  • Fully Delete all application items (all items in library, using App Cleaner tool:
  • Even tried strange, go offline, sign out, go online, sign in idea - same thing. Sync doesn't work. 
  • I know sync is working because iOS and Web App sync perfect - it's just desktop that doesnt sync. 

Microsoft Tech - please open a bug report for this. Your product is basically unusable for MaxOS users, and Wunderlist was working fine - so this is a a real bummer. 

@jimconnell65  I removed and installed the app. It worked for me.

OS: macOS Big Sur

Does the device meet the basic requirements of the system?

I had to restore my MacBook from time machine after service at the apple store. After that, Todo's would open, and immediately shut down. I did exactly what you have here, and it's all working now. Thanks so much!


I have also just had this issue - To Do on Mac required an update, which i have done and it wont open. I uninstalled using App Cleaner, rebooted my machine and reinstalled - no difference. I get the option to report to Apple or ignore. Frustrating, and grateful escalation pls.