Microsoft To Do Mac OS SYNC doesn't work

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Trying to submit this as a bug to Microsoft. SYNC is not working for MacOS. (An item entered on the web, or my iOS doesnt show up on MacOS App, and vice verse).

I have tried all suggested solutions: 

  • Sign In/Sign Out
  • Fully Delete all application items (all items in library, using App Cleaner tool:
  • Even tried strange, go offline, sign out, go online, sign in idea - same thing. Sync doesn't work. 
  • I know sync is working because iOS and Web App sync perfect - it's just desktop that doesnt sync. 

Microsoft Tech - please open a bug report for this. Your product is basically unusable for MaxOS users, and Wunderlist was working fine - so this is a a real bummer. I cannot use the product because it doesnt sync between devices (essential feature) and am reduced to using the web app on my mac. 

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same behavior. Changes made on my IOS app doesn't sync to my MacOs app.
Similar behavior. My Mac is not syncing to the cloud and it was not sending or receiving updates from my other devices.

Facing the same issue here, tried all the suggested actions but still facing the same issue .. desktop app unusable 


@wowcool does anyone have any updates on this? I just started experiencing the same issue on my Mac, but previously sync worked well.

Not helpful to your situation, but Sync working as expected here. Added to MacOS desktop app and it immediately showed up on other platforms. Version 2.72.

Hi Everyone.. I have a new MacBook on the way.. so will do a clean install and see if it's an account issue and not a device issue .. will update when it arrives