Microsoft TO DO language Change

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Hello All,


we are worked under cloud workplace , one of our user using MS to do application in his laptop all of sudden her MS to DO language change to turkey and this is happened for only one user , please help.


Steps taken;

1.change the windows language and checked 

2.checked and changed the browser language but no luck 


thanks in advance

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Hi, did you solve it? I have been used Microsoft To Do for a couple of months and today it appears in turkish (or similar language) I did the same as you but not worked. Pls whether you have any idea to solve it I'll appreciate that, because I only work and understand English and Spanish...



I had the same issue and found no solution anywhere. This happened when I upgraded to Windows 11 and rolled back to 10, but not sure exactly which step is the culprit. Anyway, I figured that resetting 'Windows display language' in the Windows Settings reverted the Turkish to English on my Microsoft To-Do app. 


Settings > Time & Language > Language > Windows display language


I had 'English (United States)', selected, and Korean, an alternative option. I selected Korean, which asked me to restart the computer to make the change effective. Instead of restarting, I selected 'English (United States)' again. This reset the language in To-Do app and now I can read menus in To-Do. 


Hope this helps.