Microsoft To-Do is becoming a failure

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Seems like the more Microsoft updates it and yes with great features the more it doesn't work across devices.  I'm becoming highly disappointed in the App.  While Microsoft support tries to resolve it a few days later issues return.  I've quit recommending the App to my users and cancelled updated training on the App.

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Hey Jeffrey, sorry to hear that. What issues are you seeing? And are you getting in touch with To-Do support in-app? That's the best avenue for direct support.
I did contact support and I had so much trouble with this and the lists syncing that I'm giving up on the app and decided to no longer promote the app.

@Polly Davidson, there was an update today for the To-Do on Mac and I installed on my test machine and every time I change to different lists, the app flashes.  

@Polly Davidson, this feature being taken away (see link at end) seems to add to my frustration and reinforcement that this product is becoming a failure.

Hey Jeffrey, I'm not able to see that link. If you could give me more details, that would be great. Thanks!

@Polly Davidson, Microsoft To-Do for Windows 10 updated with new rich entry bar -



@Polly Davidson, and while it might say for WIndows Insiders, I'm not an insider and I had it.  

@Jeffrey Allen what app are you moving to?

@BajaBrenda, haven't had time to look so have just gone to creating a task list in OneNote until I get time to look around.

Hey Jeffrey, It will be coming to everyone soon. Stay tuned!