Microsoft To-Do Has Grown Into a Successful Wunderlist Replacement

Steel Contributor

With lists, list groups, steps, sharing, dark mode, flagged email integration and many other great improvements over the last year, I can finally say To-Do has won me over to the point where I no longer feel nostalgic for Wunderlist every time I open it. With the latest enhancements, To-Do is now actually surpassing Wunderlist (something I never thought I'd be saying).


I now consider To-Do a must-have app and recommend it to everyone. Thanks Microsoft To-Do Team for all your hard work!


The only remaining differences or enhancements that still tweak my app heartstrings are visual/aesthetic:

  • Still wishing we could further shrink the header and have a few more minimalist themes and solid colors to choose from—especially steel blue and metal blue (personal favorites).
  • I miss the way Wunderlist visually separated the Today smartlist tasks into their assigned list sections. It would be helpful when we have more than a handful of tasks in My Day.
  • Fluent (translucent) list pane. Need I say more?
  • A lightly differentiated background behind the steps section for better visual separation from the main task would be nice.
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